Marsh Hill Nursery School

Term Dates


Autumn Term 2022 Spring Term 2023 Summer Term 2023
Start Start Start
Monday 5th September 2022 Tuesday 3rd January 2023 Monday 17th April 2023
To To To
Friday 21st October 2022 Friday 17th February 2023 Friday 26th May 2023
Half Term Half Term Half Term
Monday 31st October 2022 Monday 27th February 2023 Monday 5th June 2023
To To To
Friday 16th December 2022 Friday 31st March 2023 Friday 21st July 2023
Finish Finish Finish

During the year there will be approximately 5 days used for teacher training,
when school will be closed for the children.

Marsh Hill Nursery School
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